Rice Single Grain Cereal

Rice Single Grain Cereal (227 gm) Baby Food

SKU: M47264

GEN Name: Cereal
Per Pieces
720.00 BDT

Product details of Rice Single Grain Cereal - 227g


Product details of Rice Single Grain Cereal - 227g

  • Best selling baby food in the world 
  • Has iron for healthy brain development
  • Non-GMO: not made with genetically engineered ingredients
  • No artifical sweeteners, flavors or colors
  • Gerber is a leader in infant and early childhood nutrition. 

About Gerber Rice Single Grain Cereal

Gerber baby cereal has iron and other nutrients babies need for growth and development.Iron: Helps support baby’s learning abilities. 2 servings a day = 90% of babies daily value for iron. That’s smart!Vitamin C: The vitamin C in baby cereal aids in iron absorption.Calcium: The strong-bones-and-teeth builder.B Vitamins: Helps convert food into energy.Vitamin A: Supports vision, growth & immune systems.Vitamin E & Zinc: Helps support baby’s immune system and healthy growth.Not made with genetically engineered ingredients.Completely cooked and ready to serve. Just add liquid.

Specifications of Rice Single Grain Cereal - 227g